agricultura; agriculture; horticulture; landscape architecture, veterinary medicine; food; forestry; rural development; agricultural machinery; environment

Journal History

”March 1992. For Romanian agriculture and all those involved in one way or another in production, scientific research or higher agricultural education, it was a very special moment. The change of everything reminiscent of socialist-communist agriculture, built in 45 years (between 1945-1990), process started in 1989, was in full swing. The thirst for recovery of all those injured rights of roller communist, it was hard to sedate. The main priority of that period was the restitution of properties, which came after the forced collectivization in the composition of collective farms (c.a.p. - Romanian acronym) or state households (i.a.s. - Romanian acronym), to the old owners or to their descendants, and necessarily similar with original location. It seemed that nobody needed specialists, and also research and education were strongly shaken!” (Prof. PhD. Emil Luca, General Editor)

AGRICULTURA has been published since 1992 in printed form. Since 2006, the journal is published online and in printed form. The publishing house is AcademicPresUniversity of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca.