Hydrological Assessment in Order to Implement the Bioretention Systems in Areas Different in Terms of Land Use of Cluj-Napoca

Paunita Iuliana Boanca, Emil Luca, Adelina Florica Dumitras, Marcel Dirja, Laura Luca, Razvan Vasiu, Georgeta Minodora Burduhos


Hydrological assessment aimed to estimate the annual volume of rainwater runoff - product of precipitation and the impervious surfaces in the urban sites studied and appreciate the quality and quality of rainwater runoff associated with the variation of the site characteristics, especially the variation of the impermeable surfaces. For the hydrological assessment have been selected four different sites in terms of land use. The research took place in 2012-2014. For the pollutant loading of the stormwater runoff was used The Simple Method. This method required a particular type of data: the surface of studied area, the percentage of impervious cover, the annual amount of precipitation and concentrations of pollutants in stormwater runoff. For statistical analysis was used SSPSS Statistics 17.0 software. The results show that the land use type and the activities specifics for a certain area have a large influence over the pollutants loads of the annual stormwater runoff.  The pollutants loads of the stormwater runoff form industrial area have the highest values for the following chemical constituents: total nitrogen total phosphorus, total iron. The Simple Method offers rapid analyses that not require a large a large amount of data. The hydrological assessment of the areas, conducted by application of this method, enables outlining some management strategies for rainwater runoff through bioretention. Suspended solids present high values ​​for all analysed areas, particularly in the industrial and high density residential area. Due to the fact that most pollutants are associated with the particles, the most worrying are the values ​​of suspended solids.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/arspa.v89i1-2.10193

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