Mihail Manolache, Tiberia Ioana Pop, Anca Cristina Babes, Iulia-Alexandra Farcas, Anamaria Călugăr, Emese Gal


The toasting process changes the extractable substances in the oak wood of barrels used for wine aging. The GC/MS analysis led to the detection of 13 volatile compounds. The major wood volatile compounds detected in wood samples were furanic aldehydes, furfural and 5-methylfurfural, the two isomers of β-methyl-γ-octalactone, cis and trans (commonly known as oak lactones or whiskey lactones), vanillin and syringaldehyde. The percentage areas of oak volatile compounds detected were different depending on contact time and type of toast.


GC/MS, oak wood, volatile compounds, toast level.

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