Manuela Hermeziu, Cristina Moldovan, Radu Hermeziu, Sorina Nitu


The paper present results of a two year study regarding the influence of different metribuzin doses in potato crop. Field experiments were carried out in the years 2014-2015 to the National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet – Brasov, Romania and in Feldioara area, to a local farmer. All variants treated with metribuzin influenced significantly the increase in potato yield in comparison with the control variants, in which weeds were not suppressed by chemicals. All metribuzin variants gave a significantly higher yield compared to the control one.On all variants with metribuzin were obtained a uniform yields, which ranged  from 28.5 t/ha to 25.1 t/ha in 2014 and from 35.5 t/ha to 29.2 t/ha in 2015. For good results it’s important to take account of the potential weed reserve in soil and to see the correlation between meteorological data and the intensity of weed infestation.


potato, weed, metribuzin, applied doses, yield

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/agrisp.v105i1-2.13025

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