Luana Păcurar Grecu, Maria Apahidean, Voichița Haș, Alexandru I. Apahidean, Florin Russu


Sweet corn is a stenotermal plant that endures limited temperature variations requiring also adequate levels of humidity. Many farmers assume some risks in this direction, but they can sometimes compromise a significant percentage of culture. So many times to reach the phrase "first on market gets high-prices" is to resort to sowing too early and not to purchase early hybrids. Objective of this paper was to elucidate some aspects regarding behavior of certain hybrids of sweet corn with regard to certain attributes of production under Transylvanian Plateau conditions. Also, for growing surfaces cultivated with sweet corn, the biological material was also analyzed in terms of adaptability to mechanized harvesting. Delicios hybrid is distinguished by the lowest values of the coefficient of variation in the two years, indicating a good uniformity of cob insertion and the possibility of mechanized harvesting.


Zea mays, crop, farm, Sweet corn

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