Ștefania Gâdea, Anamaria Vâtcă, Ileana Bogdan, Sorin Vâtcă


In the treatment of many diseases and health problems miraculous effect of plants occurs. These can help the individual to became aware of their mental states, both through direct action due their biochemical composition and indirect effect. This effect starts from the idea that the active principles of the plant produce an emotional effect triggered organoleptically on the individual by taste, olfactory and tactile sensations exerted on the mouth, tongue and even pharynx. The disease should be perceived by us as a warning. It is not a punishment or a consequence of our actions and attitudes. Most of the time, the disease puts us face to face with ourselves. It urges us to become aware of our health problems.The attitude of rejecting the disease is counterproductive. The effort to deny it only results in the masking of symptoms, not the actual healing. It is important for every person to know the psycho-emotional causes of the diseases and the recommendations for their healing by plants. The therapeutic use of plants is based on the understanding of the psycho-emotional causes of the diseases. The psycho-emotional effects of plants are correlate with their pharmacodynamic actions and the pharmacological active substances they contain.


psychotropic plants, psycho-emotional causes, natural therapies

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