FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare Mill., ssp. dulce Janch., convar. Azoricum Thell.) PLANTS GROWING IN TTANSYLVANIAN PLATEAU

Cristian Marian, Alexandru Silviu Apahidean, Alexandru Ioan Apahidean


Sweet fennel is grown as a vegetable plant, but also as a medicinal, aromatic plant. It is important due to the rich content of vitamins, mineral salts and essential oils. The thickened sheath of the leaves, which by overlap forms the edible side similar to an onion bulb, from which various dishes are prepared. Fresh leaves and petiole can be used in salads. Fennel (seeds) can be used to flavor food or beverages (refreshing or alcoholic) as well as in canning, bakery, confectionery, perfumery and medicine industry (Ciofu et al., 2004). Sweet fennel comes from Mediterranean Sea area, where wild species grows in the spontaneous flora. It is a known species from antiquity when it was used by Greeks and Romans as a medicinal plant. In Europe, it is spread in culture in France, Italy and Spain. In our country, fennel culture is less practiced, although favorable conditions exist. Culture can be set up by sowing directly or by seedling. Production is influenced by pedoclimatic conditions but also by the cultivar used. Experience was carried out in 2017, in Cluj-Napoca, a favorable area for culture due to specific pedoclimatic conditions.


fennel, cultivar, plant growth

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/agrisp.v107i3-4.13135

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