The reaction of some winter wheat variety at cultivation in the conservative system in the Transylvanian Plain area

Felicia Chetan, Cornel Chetan, Ioana Paula Moraru, Alina Simon


Introduction: In Europe between wheat cultivators countries, Romania ranks fifth with an area of 2.07 million hectares with a production of 7.45 million tonnes and production obtained is just 3601 kg /ha (

Aims: Through the experience realised at ARDS Turda we follow the behavior of native varieties grȃu autumn, compared ȋn varieties of foreign origin, to make recommendations on their pretability to different systems of culture and levels of fertilization.

Materials and Method: The experiment realized at the ARDS Turda, includes two ways to work the soil, a classic conventional system (with autumn ploughing, land preparation, sowing and fertilized) in parallel with the conservative ("no-tillage†with stubble crop directly into the preemergent plant). Experimental factors: A - soil tillage system; B - winter wheat variety; C - fertilization.

Results: Of the eight winter wheat varieties, in the experiment is remarkable the variety Capo    that registered highest values of the gluten content at the level of fertilization c2, c3 and c4 at cultivation in both work systems (classic and “no tillageâ€). At most varieties, the highest protein content is at the c2 level of fertilization, except Capo and Exotic that react the best at c3 level of fertilization, in the system "no tillage".

Conclusion: The winter wheat  indigenous Andrada, Dumbrava, Arieșan and line T-29-04 and cultivar Renan (Limagrain) reacts most favorable in  gluten content at level of  fertilization c2 (at sowing 250 kg/ ha NPK 20: 20: 0 + resumption spring vegetation È‹n 214 kg/ ha ammonium nitrate).

The productions obtained at all varieties wheat,  is not existlarge quantitative differences (200-700 kg/ha differences), but  variety Apache, Exotic, Ariesan and Dumbrava had reached over 7,400 kg / ha.



This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS - UEFISCDI, project number PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0884.






conservative system, climate condition, fertilization, wheat, yield

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