Changes of Mycorrhizal Colonization in Winter Wheat Due to Mineral Inputs

Vlad Stoian, Roxana Vidican, Ioan Rotar, Florin Păcurar


Winter wheat is a plant commonly used in agronomic systems. Potential for adaptation of this species has lead to connecting its roots with mycorrhizal symbiotic fungi. Mineral inputs, especially phosphorous, produces oscillation in the functioning of mycorrhizal mechanism. Autumn fertilization is beneficial for the arbuscular circuit, stimulating the plant to enter into symbiosis. The degree of colonization increases due to fertilization applied in the spring, but has low values when the supplement is missing. The maximum intensity of colonization is less than 66% and is achieved only under 27-13,5-0 NPK fertilization.


mineral fertilizer, phosphorus, symbiosis, winter wheat.

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