Influence of Phosphorus and Nitrogen on Mycorrhizas in Winter Wheat

Roxana Vidican, Ioan Rotar, Vlad Stoian, Florin Păcurar


Intraradicular installation of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on the roots acts to amplify growth and to increase potential yield. Extraradicular network of hyphae developed by mycorrhizas acts as an extension of the root in order to access the nutrients located in unexplored areas. The percentage of roots occupied by mycorrhizal hyphae fluctuates heavily under the influence of fertilization. The highest values of the colonization parameters were recorded with a high level of phosphorus fertilization applied as phasial input. High doses of mineral fertilizers with phosphorus applied with seeding favors the development intraradicular hyphal networks in wheat roots.   


colonization, fertilizer, mycorrhiza, winter wheat

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