Soy Culture in Minimum Tillage and the Influence on Soil Attributes, ARDS Turda, 2005-2014

Felicia Chețan, Cornel Chețan, Teodor Rusu, Alina Șimon


The system of agriculture conservative comes must halt this process of degradation and soil protection with carpets plant debris and intervention minimal on the ground shall be avoided the process of compaction erosion by increasing fertility. Excessive processing of agricultural land with mechanical equipment and primarily the work of basic-till that mobilizes soil in depth damage to a greater extent pests and diseases in the soil but it also has negative effect by losses mineralization weaker plant debris, breaking continuity capillarity and if an angry crowd on side slopes should be done after the line of the greatest slope will promote erosion.

By applying minimum tillage system soil at ARDS Turda, is intended primarily to combat soil erosion, keeping the water in the soil, increasing fertility, protection of the environment.


Minimum Tillage, fertility, Soybean, soil compaction, climate conditions.

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