Studies Concerning the Quality of Felix Soybean Breed

Valeria Deac, Ioan Rotar, Roxana Vidican, Anamaria Mălinaș


Soy protein is the most inexpensive source of high-nutritional quality protein and therefore is the world’s predominant commercially available vegetable protein. In order to keep this levels of fat and proteins at higher standards studies need to be develop in order to highlight the factors affecting soybean quality. The aim of our research was to analyse the variations in soybean protein and fat content and thru this to highlight the optimum management of nutrients for achieving high quality soy products. The experimental field was placed in the Agricultural Research Development Turda (ARDS) in 2013. The biological material consists in a genotype of soybean created at ARDS Turda - Felix variety. The experimental plots were installed after the subdivided parcel method and were fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers in 4 different doses. In order to accomplish our goal we followed soy content in protein and fat under the influence of the inputs applied. Analysing the data recorded we observed a low influence of the experimental factors on soybean seeds content in fat substances. In the same time the protein content varies significantly under the influence of the technological inputs applied.  The highest increases in protein content are achieved when organic fertilizer is applied.  The results showed an interesting evolution of soybean chemical content under the influence of differentiated fertilization and also some interesting correlation between chemical content and some production indexes.


soybean, quality, fertilization.

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