Study on the Sea-Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) Preparation Forms Destined to its Nutritio-Pharmaceutical Use

Carmen Georgeta Dumitrescu (Manole)


In conducting this research we started from the multiple uses of sea-buckthorn in our everyday life. In addition to the positive effect of sea-buckthorn plant on the environment, especially by fixing the soil, almost all parts of this miraculous shrub have therapeutically effect (fruits, leaves, shoots etc.) and can be consumed in various forms. Aim of this paper is to present the nutritional value of sea-buckthorn, recipes most frequently used and the effects that they have on people. In order to achieve all these, materials from the scientific literature were used, as well as an own research, carried out during a year, on a total number of 50 people. Results prove that the sea-buckthorn must be introduced, in greater extent, in our daily diet, as it improves human health.



recipes, sea-buckthorn, therapeutic effects.

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