Study of the Influence of External Factors on the Germination of Bean Seeds

Lucia Mihălescu, Zorica Voșgan, Oana Mare Roșca, Monica Marian, Stela Jelea, Flavia Pop, Anca Domuța, Aurel Maxim, Mirela Cordea


The aim of our study was to follow the influence of the substrate, (single respectively double filter paper), the environment conditions (light, darkness), of the seed’s measure and age, on the beans germination. These aspects were followed because the specialty literature correlates the loss of the germinative capacity with different external and internal factors. Three local varieties: P1 (Albenghino), P2 (Cannellini), P3 (Black Turtle), grown in Maramures County, with undetermined growth and different permeability of the seminal skin, were chosen for the experiment. One hundred seeds of every sort were placed in three replications. The energy and germinative faculty were determined, calculating the average values obtained at the replications. We noted that the P2 variety had the highest germinative faculty of 83.33% on double layer under light conditions, and the germination of 100% under darkness. The P1 variety is on the second place. The germinative faculty of the P3 variety is of only 70% on a single substrate and 80% on double layer. The germinative energy and faculty of the seeds provided from 2013 are diminished comparatively with those from 2014. The local population P3 proved to be more influenced by age, with a germinative energy of 30% in 2013 and 60% in 2014. The positive influence of the darkness conditions, both for the seeds provided from 2013 and 2014, was noted.


darkness, germination, light, substrate.

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