Iron Gates Natural Park - Administration and Management

Sînziana Pauliuc, Marian Proorocu, Sonia Bodan, Mădălina Miclăuș


This paper analyzes the management and administration of one of the largest, beautiful and complex natural parks from Romania, the Iron Gates Natural Park. The management plan is a frame of integration of the biodiversity conservation problems and protection of the natural and cultural environment that also supports socio-economic development of Iron Gates Natural Park. It is also an instrument of dialog between the institutions which coordinate this area. The management plan is a document approved by H.G 1048/2013 and it resulted after consulting the interested factors of the area (city halls, local and central authorities, civil society). The administration of Iron Gates Natural Park has a new structure, founded in 2003 and is working as a subunit of Forest-National Administration (Romsilva), which assures the necessary personal and equipment for administrating the area. The area has the status of: Natural Park, Natura 2000 and Ramsar site. The forest represents 65% of the total area, 98% being a state property. Analysing Iron Gates Natural Park documents (Iron Gates Natural Park management plan, scientific council and park administration documents, visits and observations within park), we can conclude that the park has a good administration leaded by the scientific councils, who also achieved many successful European projects.


administration, conservation, management plan, natural park, nature.

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