Characterization Phyto-Socio-Ecological of Agrostis capillaris L. Grasslands

Mirela Cirebea, Ioan Rotar, Roxana Vidican, Florin Păcurar, Anamaria Mălinaș, Ovidiu Ranta


Floristic composition of the pastures is a mirror action and practical factors applied station and management (maintenance and how to use). The purpose of this research is to assess the state of the biodiversity and pastoral value for Agrostis capillaries L. grasslands from the mountain area. Also, there has been analyzed the floristic composition and a series of ecological indexes, respectively humidity, soil reaction, temperature, and nitrogen. We examined how estimated species diversity patterns changed with varying survey intensity from Băișoara village, Cluj County, Romania, an Agrostis capillaries L. grasslands. The experiment was performed in 2015. The vegetation observations were made on 29 plots. In this descriptive plot been identified the type of grassland Agrostis capillaries, described in boreal at altitudes between 850 and 1200, generally starting on exhibitions east until the south (90˚ - 180 ˚).The floristic composition of the Agrostis capillaries grasslands from the studied area is influenced by the local conditions and the intensity of the exploitation, these surfaces being under-exploited.


Băișoara village, ecology, grassland.

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