The influence of climatic conditions changes on grain yield in Winter Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittm.)

Ionuț RACZ, Rozalia KADAR, Adrian Ovidiu CECLAN, Adina VARADI, Andrei VARGA, Felicia CHEŢAN


The aim of this paper is making out the influence of climatic changes on grain yield of winter triticale in relation with applied fertilizer. The influence of environmental conditions on growing and development of triticale plants depends of grow stages and their duration. During five experimental years (2010-2015) the climatic conditions were different year to year, with an accentuated heating trend, influencing plant phenology, accelerating or slowing down some important processes disturbing grain yield formation. The influence of drought is more accentuated by heating stress and prolonging of these conditions during the main phenological processes have a negative influence on plant growth or development with effect on the grain yield formation process.


grain yield, rainfall, temperature, winter triticale

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