Researches on the Influence of the Sowing Period of Simple Hybrids on Seed Production for the Turda 200 Maize Hybrid

Alexandru B. GHEȚE, Ana COPÂNDEAN, Voichița V. HAȘ, Cornel CHEȚAN, Marcel DUDA, Roxana E. CALUGAR, Andrei VARGA


The production of certified seed for maize double hybrids is based on the crossing of two simple maize hybrids, one of which is used as a seed producer (maternal form, AxB) and another as pollinator (paternal form, CxD). The production of the seed in the case of double hybrids presents some advantages because the production obtained in the hybridization lot is high, the cost of lower seed production and includes a minimum risk (Penčić and Hadžistević, 1982). Seed quality indices are generally better than by simple hybrids, especially when adverse conditions occur during production (Sarca, 2004).

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