Using Apple (Malus domestica), Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) and Cinnamon (Cinnamom vertum) to Obtain an Innovative Jam-Like Food Product

Maria Lidia IANCU


The apple, the pumpkin and the cinnamon are raw materials that could be innovatively combined to produce a new sugar-preserved product following an original recipe. It can be considered in accordance with the European quality of jam-type varieties. It is a hybrid product, a component of “the European gastronomy” with old Bavarian roots and Romanian raw material. An adapted technological scheme and a recipe based on the TSS of the raw material and of the finished product were used. The quality indicators were determined using analytical methods. The PCA with the results provided by the panelists were used for the study of the aromatic profile. An identification of flavors, such as apple and cinnamon, is reported, which contributes to the specificity of the sensory profile of the jam. The new product has: TSS = 63.6 oBrix, TA = 0.2%, VA = 0.105 %. These values fall within the range of values for other jam and experimental jam assortments. The proportion of solids is 34%, which is far too low compared to the 45% minimum accepted limit. Taking into account that there is no “surface lifting” flaw, it is recommended to accept the value for the new assortment.


apple, pumpkin, cinnamom, jam processing aromatic profile

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