The Influence of Liquid Manure on Soybean Yield Characters in the Third Experimental Year

Valeria DEAC, Ioan ROTAR, Roxana VIDICAN, Anamaria MALINAS


Soybean yields could benefit from the use of improved varieties, nutrients and rhizobium inoculants. In this study we evaluated the influence of fertilization with liquid manure upon soybean yield in the 3rd experimental year, in climatic condition specific to the year 2016. The experiences were installed on Agricultural Research-Development Station Turda, on a chernozem soil. We followed the response of two soybean varieties to organic fertilization with liquid manure. In this regard we analyzed the number of nodules at the beginning and at the end of flowering and bean production. The results pointed out that in general Onix genotype recorded the highest values on bean production when 15 t/ha liquid manure were applied.


soybean, fertilization, year, doses, liquid manure

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