Alternative Antimicrobial Formula for Plant Protection

Steliana RODINO, Marian BUTU, Alina BUTU


The European Strategy regarding plant protection products encourages the research for solutions which strongly contribute to the agro-ecological transition. They should be able to provide effective and efficient products for both farmers and consumers, reducing the pesticides use. Previous studies reported that extracts prepared from different plant species are capable of inhibiting in vitro development of fungal phytopathogens. The aim of this research was the study of the antimicrobial activity of a plant protection formula composed by a mix of plant extracts. The final scope was establishing a proper treatment timing strategy for controlling primary infections. Therefore, the effectiveness of the mixed formula containing Humulus lupulus and Urtica dioica against Alternaria sp., the cause of early blight attacking several vegetable species, was studied. Experimentation plan was performed using standard methods for antimicrobial testing. The potential and limitations of plant extracts used to control early blight were discussed. The results obtained have potential practical applicability and are directed to the development of environmentally viable solutions for the design of bioproducts for plant protection. Better knowledge on this topic will help optimizing crop protection strategy, ensuring sustainable agricultural development.


phyto-protection formulas, antimicrobial activity, Humulus lupulus, Urtica dioica

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