The Heritability of Some Qualitative and Quantitative Traits at One Set of Spring Barley Genotypes

Ioana PORUMB, Florin RUSSU, Ioan ROTAR


Work collections are subjected to a renewal process, therefore a regular evaluation is needed inorder to appreciate the genetic advance of the existing variability at collection level and further to identify valuable genotypes in terms of morphoproductive and qualitative traits (protein, starch). The barley intended for brewing must correspond to some qualitative parameters, of which proteins and starch content are of major importance. For this purpose, a study was conducted to assess the variability and heritability indicators corresponding to the two traits at 48 barley genotypes. The genotypes that were the subject of this study were sown in three experimental years 2013, 2014 and 2016. The mean values of 2013 year was 13.71 compared with only 10.77, and 11.27 in 2014 and 2016. The significant value of the heritability coefficient along with the genetic advantage of 0.81 indicates the success of selection work for this important chemical trait.


Barley; starch; protein; coefficient of variation

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