Influence of Mineral and Organic Fertilization on Grassland from Transilvanian Plateau

Ioan ROTAR, Roxana VIDICAN, Gheorghe TOTH, Anca PLEȘA, Ioana VAIDA, Vasile IUGA, Adriana MOREA


Mineral and organic fertilization have a huge effect on natural grasslands. The purpose of this research is to assess the state of the biodiversity and pastoral value for grasslands from the Transylvanian Plateau area. In this area has been analyzed the floristic composition and a series of ecological indexes, respectively humidity, soil reaction, temperature and nitrogen. Other aspects taken in account were the agronomical and anthropogenic specters. The analyzed grasslands are placed in the perimeter of Gheorgheni village, from Cluj County. Experience includes 20 experimental variants with organic fertilization with combined with mineral fertilization, 5 variants in 4 rehearsals. Each experimental variant is 2 m long X 5 m wide. In most hill meadows the economic efficiency is relatively low, and in order to be increased, it is necessary to apply the whole complex of measures for their improvement, care and exploitation, of which a special role is the application of appropriate treatments that stimulate the development of valuable species. Several researches show that applying fertilizers on grasslands is economically justified since, generally, 1 kg of active element results in an increase of 80-100 kg of green matter.


combined fertilization; Festuca rupicola; diversity; Transylvania Plateau

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