Research Concerning the Fighting of Polystigma rubrum Fungi under the Climate Conditions of Șomcuta Mare Area

Lucia MIHALESCU, Monica MARIAN, Stela JELEA, Flavia POP, Aurel MAXIM, Zorica VOŞGAN


In this study, our goal was to survey the influence of the climate conditions, the behavior of the Centenar and Anna Spath varieties on the attack of the Polystigma rubrum fungi during the two experimental years (2013, 2014), in order to make recommendations for new plantations. Nine fungicides were tested, being determined their biologic efficiency, in order to identify the most efficient products. The experimental research was performed during 2013 and 2014, in a fruit tree farm belonging to SC Pomicola SA trade company in Somcuta Mare, Maramures county. The attack was calculated by determining the frequency, intensity and the attack degree. The agrometeorological data were recorded using the AgroExpert system, for surveying the biology of fungi. The linear-interrupted laying method was used, each made up of 5 plants/variant in three repetitions/product. The biologic efficiency of the tested products was lower at the Anna Spath variety than at the Centenar variety due to its sensitivity; the recommended products: Folicur Solo 250EW, Dithane M45 and Syllit 400 SC were the most efficient in the fungi combating.


attack; fungicides; red stain; variety.

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