Researches Regarding a Protein Hydrolysate Used as Adjuvant in Fertilization Process

Elena Mihaela NAGY, Constantin COȚA, Nicolae CIOICA, Zoltan GYORGY, Lucian FECHETE-TUTUNARU, Adina GHIRIŞAN, Vasile MICLĂUŞ


Within the paper the results of conducted researches in order to obtain a protein hydrolysate from wool waste as raw material are presented. The experiments were conducted in two variants: a) alkaline hydrolyse using potassium hydroxide, a mix of potassium hydroxide with urea and a mix of potassium hydroxide with sodium hydroxide as well as b) acidic hydrolyse with sulfuric acid or a mix of sufuric acid with phosphoric acid in different proportions. The parameters intervals used were: pH 0,5-2,5 for acidic hydrolyse and pH 9,5-13,5 for the alkalinic one; temperatures between 120-150 °C and pressures between 1,4-4,6 bar. Acid hydrolysis is favored by the high proportion of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, a low pH and from high temperature and pressure. The alkaline hydrolysis is favored by a pH higher then 12 as well as the urea content. A high temperature and pressure has a beneficial effect over alkaline hydrolysis.


fertilizer; hydrolysis; protein hydrolysate.

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