The Influence of the Tillage System and Fertilization on Soybean Yield at ARDS Turda, 2015-2017

Alina ŞIMON, Felicia CHEŢAN, Cornel CHEŢAN, Marius BĂRDAŞ, Valeria DEAC


Soybean is currently one of the most important agricultural crops being used in human and animal nutrition, as a raw material for industry but also has agro-phyto-technical importance because it contributes to the raising of soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen by symbiosis between soybeans and Rhizobium japonicum bacteria, which forms root-nodules. To achieve the aims, a poly-factorial experience has been placed during the period 2015-2017 at ARDS Turda, with the factors: Factor A - the tillage system (a1 the classical tillage system by plowing with the return of the furrow and a2 the minimum tillage system, chisel variant; factor B- the fertilization (b1-N20P20K0 100 kg/ha, applied simultaneously with sowing, b2-N20P20K0 100 kg/ha, applied simultaneously with the sowing + N20P20K0 100 kg/ha, applied in the 4-6 leaves phenophase, b3-N20P20K0 100 kg/ha applied simultaneously with sowing + N30 100 kg/ha, applied in the 4-6 leaves phenophase and b4-N20P20K0 100 kg/ha applied simultaneously with sowing + N20 100 kg/ha, applied in the 4-6 leaves phenophase, factor C-climatic conditions in the experimental years (c1-2015; c2-2016; c3-2017). The soybean variety studied was Malina TD. Following the application of the minimum tillage system, the yield decreases with a significant difference of 86 kg/ha compared to the conventional tillage system. A very significant influence in the yield of superior quantitative yields is fertilization, in the three variants where the supplementary fertilization was applied, there were obtained very significant yield increases of over 199 kg/ha compared to the control variant which produced a yield of 2373 kg/ha.


tillage system; soybean; climatic conditions; fertilization; yield.

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