Exploitation and Management of Low Input Grassland Systems

Roxana VIDICAN, Lucien CARLIER, Ioan ROTAR, Anamaria MĂLINAȘ


By this research the authors aimed to analyse the evolution and management of low-input grassland from a specific area in the Apuseni Mountains, in order to define what can be the result of a low input grassland system on the botanical composition of the grasslands and on the income of the farmers. In addition a full description of Flanders area with special attention to its grassland management is given, such that one can make a comparation between those two different cultures: the Province of East Flanders, Belgium and the area of Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County, Romania. Flanders (Belgium) and the area of Cluj County, Apuseni Mountains (Romania), are completely different not only in terms of their people with their own life-styles and culture, but also in terms of uses and management of arable land and grasslands.


grassland; Flanders; Transylvania; management.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-agr:2019.0031

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