Studies Concerning the Economic Efficiency and Quality of the Vegetal Sausages

Claudiu Dan Salagean, Dorin Tibulca


The purpose of performed research aimed to establish the influence of protein supplements on the quality and economic efficiency in the processing of a certain semi-smoked sausage assortment using two experimental processing technologies: with 3% soy protein derivatives as supplements and 100% soy protein derivatives as vegetal raw materials. The results revealed that, from an economical point of view, the vegetal processing technology (with exclusively vegetal raw materials) was more efficiently than the supplemented processing technology (with protein derivatives as supplements) and from qualitatively point of view, the obtained values have been in accordance with the in force STAS-es.


raw material, soy protein supplements, processing technology, supplemented sausage, vegetal sausage, economical analysis, quality, physical-chemical quality indicators

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Banu, C. et al., (1997), Procesarea industrială a cărnii, Editura. Tehnică, Bucureşti, 351-364

Sălăgean, C. D., (2006) Researches concerning the optimization of using protein derivates in the processing of meat products in casings and the quality of the obtained products, PhD Thesis, USAMV Cluj-Napoca, p. 1-296

***Ordinul 560/2006 pentru aprobarea Normelor cu privire la comercializarea produselor din carne



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