Improving the Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Goat Cheese by the Addition of Cranberry

Sorin Apostu, Carmen Pop, Ancuța M. Rotar, Liana Salanță, Anamaria POP, Iuliana Găvruș


In recent years, the goat milk cheeses have gained popularity due to the increased interest of consumers in both the tradition of cheesemaking and the sensorial and nutritional value attributed to goat milk. This study aimed to assess and compare the chemical and sensory characteristics of fresh cheese with a mixture of cranberry fruits in different concentrations. The following average values were obtained for the chemical parameters analyzed: pH 4.85 ± 0.155, titratable acidity (°T) 150 ± 0,094, dry matter (%) 58.33 ± 1.55, and fat (%) 27.74 ± 53.24. Sensory evaluation highlighted the influence of the addition of cranberry on the eating quality of goat cheese and its consumer acceptability. Results showed that the goat cheese supplementation with 9% cranberry significantly improves the stability of acidic flavor during storage.


goat cheese, cranberry, quality, polyphenolic compounds

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