Studies on the Preparation of Aglutenic Foam Type of Pastry Product Using Different Flour Combinations

Simona Man, Adriana Păucean, Muste Sevastița, Anamaria Pop


The study aimed to obtain a mechanically loose gluten free pastry (leaf roulade) by using gluten-free flour: corn flour and rice flour and cornstarch. The samples obtained were compared with a control sample of only wheat flour. To optimize the recipe were made ​​four experimental variants, flour and starch is used in different proportions. Version 1 (control sample) who used wheat flour WF) in 100%, Version 2 consisting of 20% maize flour (MF), 16 % rice flour (RF), 64% corn starch (CS); Version 3 consisting of: 10% of maize flour (MF), 10% of rice flour (RF), 80% corn starch (CS). The experimental variants was analyzed for physico-chemical: length, width, thickness, specific gravity, moisture and carbohydrates. The sensory attributes, were evaluated by a group of un-trained panellists, using a 9-point Hedonic scale.


corn starch, gluten free product, mechanical loosening, maize flour, rice flour

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