Improvement of Tagliatelle Quality by Addition of Red Quinoa Flour

Anamaria Pop, Sevastița Muste, Simona Man, Crina Mureșan


In order to diversification of tagliatelle pasta and increasing segment of consumers it was intended to improvement of tagliatelle pasta quality by addition of red quinoa flour. The products obtained at Bakery Pilot Station of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca was the result of original recipe. To optimize the recipe were made four experimental variants, white flour and red quinoa flour is used in different proportions: Variant 1 - plain tagliatelle pasta (control sample) who used white flour WF) in 100%, Variant 2 consisting of 15% red quinoa flour (15 QF), Variant 3 consisting of 30 % red quinoa flour (30 QF) and Variant 4 consisting of 50 % red quinoa flour (50 RQF). The experimental variants was analyzed for physico-chemical: moisture content, protein content and acidity. The sensory attributes, were evaluated by using a 9-point Hedonic scale. Present study indicated that the variant 3 were most accepted by consumers.


pasta, pseudocereal, tagliatelle, quinoa, quality.

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