Technical Aspects Regarding the Preservation of Dry Onions in Different Storage Conditions

Marian Vintila, Florin Adrian Niculescu, Mihai Romas


Research refers to the ability to maintain the quality of dry onions in different conditions of temperature, the three varieties used in experimentation (De Buzau, Daytona and Countach) being stored after proper preparation at ambient temperature (+20…+22°C), refrigerated (+10…+12°C) and cold conditions (+3…+5°C). Storage life, the level of weight (mass) and decay losses and evolution of some chemical components determined from the 9 variants led to the conclusion that the best results were obtained by De Buzau variety for storage under ambient conditions and Daytona variety for storage under refrigerated and cold conditions. Moreover large differences between varieties and their behavior depending on storage conditions require choosing resistant cultivars and optimum storage temperatures according to destination and period of marketing or consumption.


dry onion, quality preservation, storage

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