Determination of Starch Changes During Growth and Development of Three Plum Varieties

Romina Alina Vlaic, Andruța Elena Muresan, Vlad Mureșan, Crina Mureșan, Doinita Borș, Ovidiu Petru Moldovan, Sevastița Muste


The aim of this study is the evaluation of changes which occurred in starch content during the growth and the development of three varieties of plums Stanley, Vânăt de Italia, Tuleu Gras. Depending on variety, the maximum amount of starch was reached in phases 3 and 4; the values have declined as the fruit was approaching the maturity stage. The amount of starch during plum fruit growth and development is influenced by the harvesting phase, variety and the interaction between variety and harvest stage.



starch, plums, polarimetric method, harvesting phase

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MureÅŸan EA, Muste S, Vlaic R., MureÅŸan CC, Cerbu CC, MureÅŸan V (2015). The Dynamics of Starch and Total Sugars during Fruit Development for Ionathan, Starkrimson and Golden Delicious Apple Varieties. Bulletin UASVM Food Science and Technology 72(1)

Muste S (2008). Materii prime vegetale în industria alimentară, Editura AcademicPres, Cluj-Napoca.



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