Biosynthesis and Accumulation of Sulphur Compounds in White Radish During the First Three Days of Sprouting

Maria DoiniÈ›a Borș, Richard Mithen, Shikha Saha, Maria Traka, Sonia Socaci, Maria Tofană



Glucosinolates (GLs) and S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide (SMCSO) are natural sulphur containing phytochemicals. They are two of the most important bioactive compounds found in brassica vegetables, which are highly regarded for their health-promoting activity. In this study we have analysed the content of GLs and SMCSO in white radish, by an HPLC-MS method, in order to illustrate their biosynthesis and accumulation during the first 72 hours of sprouting. Total GLs content ranged between  54.17 and 126.86 µmol/g DW. There were eight GLs identified, in radish sprouts and around 94 % of them were aliphatic. Obvious differences, during the 72 hours of sprouting, were noticed in glucoraphenin and glucoraphasatin. S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide content ranged between 0.21 and 35.95 µmol/g DW. Our results revealed a negative strong correlation between GLs and SMCSO.


glucosinolates, radish, S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide, sprouts

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