Influence of the Brown Marine Algae on the Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristcs of the Sausages

Claudiu Dan Sălăgean, Carmen Rodica Pop, Mihai Catrinoi, Melinda Nagy



The aim of this study was to asses the influence of the brown algae on the quality in manufacturing of a certain halfsmoked sausages assortment.  Exploiting the natural plant resources as well as reducing the animal fat in the finished product by replacing it with proteins, fibers and minerals (provided by the brown marine algae) were also intended. Two technological variants with different ratios of algae (V1-10% respectively V2-15%) from those 25% of fat (the remaining of 75% beeing represented, in each case, by beef) were experienced and compared with the control sample (VM, without algae, 75% beef and 25% fat). The finished products were analyzed in terms of organoleptic and physicochemical, in different stages of storage, at 24 hours after obtaining and seven days of storage at 10 to 12 degrees. The correlations between investigated quality parameters and the ratios of algae were also established. The physicochemical analysis highlighted the highest values regarding the protein, moisture, sodium chloride and the lowest fat content values in the case of the V2 variant compared to the V1 and VM variants. Furthermore, an increase in protein, fat, sodium chloride and a decrease of the moisture content have been found in all variants observed during the storage. The shelf life of the product was not negatively affected by the addition of algae due to their antimicrobial activity. The addition of algae in combination with beef components led to obtaining a higher quality product with functional characteristics.


algae, beef, physicochemical analyses, sausage assortment, sensory analyses

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