Study on Influence of Different Types of Meat on the Quality of Meat Products

Melinda Nagy, Crina Mureșan, Sonia A. Socaci, Maria Tofană, Anca Fărcaș, Suzana E. Biriș


Meat species in processed food products have been gaining an increasing interest mainly due to public health, economic and legal concerns, but also due to religious reasons. In the recent years there was an increasing demand for healthier meat products. Formulation of healthier meat products based on processing strategies is one of the most important current approaches to the development of potential meat-based functional foods. The main objective of the study was to characterize different type of meat and to use that to obtain a meat product-smoked sausage. The physico-chemical analyses highlighted the moisture content (drying-oven at 105 ºC), protein (Kjeldahl method) and fat (Soxhlet method) content and sodium chloride content (Mohr method) of the meat and the final product. Sensory analyses of the samples as well as control sample were evaluated by 17 untrained panellists using a 9 point hedonic scale. Following this study, it was noted an improvement of organoleptic characteristics (texture and appearance) as well as physico-chemical and sensorial properties of the new product compared with the limits stipulated.


smoked sausage, pork meat, deer meat, nitrite, physico-chemical quality parameters, sensory analysis

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