Târgu Lăpuș Region Mineral Waters Characterization

Georgiana Smaranda Petruț, Sevastița Muste


The market offers a wide range of mineral waters, but the current trend is to consume mineral water closer to its primary properties. In the present study for a mineral water, untapped source of Targu Lapus region, the chemical analysis using rapid kits and comparative evolutionary analysis of the studied parameters were performed. The analysis revealed that the mineral water spring completes the evolution constituents of the studied source Borcut ISLGS Târgu Lăpuș, compared with the analyzes since 1984 and 1989.(results: NH4+ less that 0,05 mg/l, absence of NO3- (mg/l), NO2- less that 0.02 mg/l,  PO43 the value of 1,2 mg/l, pH 7, Ca/Mg 230dH).


mineral water, water composition, Târgu Lăpuș Region, natural resources

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*** HG 1020/2005 - Technical regulations for exploitation and marketing of natural mineral waters

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-fst:11614


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