Implication of Powdered Milk in Staphylococcal Intoxication: A Case Study

Nicolae Mocuța, Gheorghe Ștețca, Vasile Chindriș, Adriana Morea


Foodborne diseases are diseases and acute evolution occurs mostly with digestive signs to more consumers of food contaminated with specific pathogens. Staph food poisoning due to consumption of contaminated food is staph enterotoxins enterotoxogeni producing certain temperature conditions. Enterotoxins are 7 types, depending on the type of contaminant stafiloc strain, so enterotoxin detection and diagnosis of the disease is relatively difficult. In the study examined the evolution of an episode of Foodborne staphylococcus in a school unit where 35 children fell ill between 252 consumers of milk reconstituted from milk powder. Duration of evolution was 4-10 hours.


powdered milk, ELISA test, Staphylococcus aureus intoxication

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