Suitability for Processing of Some Sweet Cherry Varieties

Ion Caplan, Gheorghe Lămureanu, Constanța Alexe


Due to the high taste attributes, specific appearance and flavour, as well as their importance in nutrition, cherries occupy an important role in fresh consumption, but also processed. The paper presents the results of sensory analysis of four processed products (confiture, jam, nectar, syrup), made from five varieties of cherries (Van, Stella, Severin, Boambe de Cotnari, Gesmerdorf) grown at Research Station for Fruit Growing Constanta. Processing was done at Horting - Bucharest and organoleptic tests were performed according to STAS 12656-88. Alimentary products. Sensory analysis. Methods with scales of points, which establishes, depending on the score obtained, five quality classes for processed products: very good (18.1-20.0 points), good (15.1-18.0 points), satisfactory (11.1-15.0 points), unsatisfactory (7.1-11.0 points) and improperly (0 -7.0 points).   The viability for processing is a variety characteristic. On the first place ranks in consumer preferences variety Van, which received very high scores for all four sort of products: 19.60 points for confiture, 19.74 points for jam, 20.0 points (maximum) for nectar and 19.86 points for  syrup, appointing thus for 4 times in the category  of produces "very good". The last place is occupied by Boambe de Cotnari variety, which obtained the following score: "good" for confiture (15.99 points), jam (17.04 points) and nectar (15.88 points) and "satisfactory “ for syrup (13.91 points). In the case of nectar and syrup this is explained by the fact that the consumer has shown preference for the purple red colour of products, with a strong visual impact.


confiture, jam, nectar, syrup

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