Influence of the Different Addition Levels of Buckwheat Flour on Pasta Wheat Flour

Simona Man, Adriana Păucean, Sevastița Muste, Crina Mureșan


Pasta products have been staple foods since ancient times in many countries all over the world. In this study, the standard wheat flour pasta formulation was modified using buckwheat flour at levels of 10, 15 and 25 %, to obtain a new added value product. The Pastas quality was tested by assessing the chemical and cooking properties. Wheat pasta supplemented with 25% buckwheat flour, demonstrated good quality, total protein content increased from 9.6 to 17.15%, ash and cellulose have the same trend, while moisture and starch were decreased. The optimal cooking time for the pasta without buckwheat flour was longer than for the pasta with 25% buckwheat flour while the volume of the pastas with added buckwheat flour, increased from 279% to 327%. Present study indicated that the addition of 25% buckwheat flour does not negatively change the quality of the pastas.


pasta, buckwheat flour, cooking quality, protein content

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