Use of Rice and Soy Flour in Obtaining Assortment "Pogăcele with Cracklings"

Liana Claudia SALANTA, Simona MAN, Maria TOFANA, Adriana PAUCEAN, Margit ORBAN, Carmen R. POP, Melinda NAGY


„Pogăcele with cracklings†are a traditional Transylvanian product, highly valued by consumers, they are usually served as appetizers or snacks. The purpose of this study was to optimize the classical recipe of „Pogăcele with cracklings†by gluten free-flours and wheat grass addition to a contribution of bioactive compounds. Two experimental (V2 and V3) variants, obtained by substituting wheat flour with 30% of soy and rice flour were obtained. The addition of soy and rice flour in the traditional product improved its sensory and nutritional qualities. The results showed that the V3 achieved the highest degree of acceptability. Also, comparative with V1 this variant recorded a decrease of fats content and an increase of protein and ash.

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