Characteristics and Influence to Fruit Distillates Quality of Rapid Induction of Ageing Character in the Presence of Mulberry Tree (Morus alba L.) Wooden Chips

Elena MUDURA, Teodora COLDEA, Timea HORVATH, Carmen Rodica POP


Research on rapid induction of ageing character to double distilled traditional fruit brandies, from Transylvania region was conducted. Mulberry tree chips were used as an alternative to traditional ageing in wooden barrels. The aim of this study was to highlight the factors influencing the chemical composition of fruit brandies, both depending on the type of the wood used and the transformations occurred during the heat treatment. Fruit distillates were produced after the traditional method - double distillation in copper alambic. The evaluation of the brandies consisted in analyzing the chemical parameters and the phenolic compounds after two months of ageing with wood chips. Results were compared with a control sample (unaged distillate), and found that during the ageing process volatile and non-volatile compounds were extracted significantly. The heat treatment influenced the chemical composition of the wooden chips. The chemical composition of finished products varied due to the composition of the wooden chips used and to the heat treatment applied. Evaluation of volatile and non-volatile compounds formed was carried out by comparison with the samples of the unaged distillate. It was demonstrated the improvement of chemical characteristics and polyphenolic compounds content, by rapidly inducing of the ageing character.


ageing, wooden chips, pălinca, Romania

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