Obtaining a Functional Product Through the Exploitation of Mushroom Flour in Pasta

Crina Carmen MURESAN, Anca FARCAS, Simona MAN, Ramona SUHAROSCHI, Romina Alina VLAIC


The present study focuses on the influence of adding mushroom powder on a certain assortment of pasta. The research comprises two major directions: the study of the raw materials used to produce pasta from a compositional point of view and the quantification of some biologically active compounds of interest; emphasizing the potential of using Boletus edulis mushroom powder in the composition of pasta and evaluating the quality of the product from a nutritional and sensorial point of view. For this purpose, two types of pasta have been created, with different percentages of mushroom, 10% and 20%, but also a blank sample obtained in the same conditions, but without mushroom powder. To achieve the goal the following analyzes were conducted: proteins, total polyphenols, antioxidant activity, fat, humidity, ashes, acidity, increase in volume of the boiled pasta and customers’ preferences.

By using sensory analysis has been established that the consumers preferred pasta enriched with 10% mushroom powder. In conclusion, the addition of mushrooms flour assures an enhancement of the nutritional value, as well as of the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.


pasta, mushroom, nutritional value, quality

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STR 3272-89: Paste f?inoase cu adaosuri.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-fst:12641


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