Preliminary Studies Regarding the Production of Jam from Organic Rose Petal

Ana Cornelia BUTCARU, Florin STĂNICĂ, Marian Nicolae VELCEA


One of the present challenges of food production is to bring on the market innovative products with special nutraceutical properties that can fulfill the customers’ needs. The aim of this paper is to present some original data regarding the sensorial analysis and the customers perceptions on innovative jam obtained from organic rose petals.
On 1,350 sqm plot, at the UASVM of Bucharest an organic rose culture was established in 2015 with three climbing varieties: Falstaff, Brother Cadfael and Crown Princess Margareta. From the end of June 2016, the petals were collected and used for jam preparation. Besides sugar, different ingredients as: ginger, lemon juice, sea buckthorn juice and hot pepper were added. Total soluble solids and total dry matter were measured.
The final products, seventeen variants of rose jam, were analyzed and tasted. Sensorial analysis was made by consumers of different ages and gender. Jam appearance, general taste, aroma, and the overall impression were noticed. V4 variant - Brother Cadfael with sea buckthorn was the most appreciated variant. For each of these top variants, target group by gender and age was analyzed. The results showed that the customers’ preferences are influenced by age and gender and the organic rose jam is a highly appreciated product.


Rosa sp. edible rose, organic horticulture, sensorial analysis

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