The Molecular Restructuring of Classical Desserts by Using Food Industry By-Products

Gabriela PRECUP, Lavinia Florina CĂLINOIU, Laura MITREA, Maria BINDEA, Bogdan RUSU, Bianca Eugenia ȘTEFĂNESCU, Dan Cristian VODNAR


Fruit and vegetable by-products are in general thrown away and can cause environmental problems, even though they are a valuable source of bioactive compounds, which may be used for innovative food production.
The present work focused on achieving a new type of dessert, a “Sweetburger”, by restructuring its molecular components with the aid of molecular gastronomy techniques and using agro-industrial wastes (beetroot and sour cherry pulp and peels, melon pomace). The innovative dessert has been obtained and the bioactive compounds contained in the agro-industrial wastes have been characterized using the HPLC method, Folin-Ciocalteu and spectrophotometry. The total polyphenol content from sour cherries waste was significant, 508,9 mg gallic acid/100 g. The total anthocyanin content from beetroot pulp was 0,117 mg/ 100 g.


dessert, molecular gastronomy, by-products.

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