Inhibitory Potential Of Lactobacillus Plantarum on Escherichia Coli

Laura MITREA, Lavinia Florina CĂLINOIU, Gabriela PRECUP, Maria BINDEA, Bogdan RUSU, Monica TRIF, Lorand Jozsef FERENCZI, Bianca Eugenia ŞTEFĂNESCU, Dan Cristian VODNAR


An alternative therapy to diarrhoeal episodes induced by E. coli is represented by probiotic strains (e.g Lactobacillus), which are able to maintain the gut micro-flora in optimal parameters. This work highlights the inhibitory potential of probiotics (L. plantarum ATCC 8014) over the enteropathogenic bacteria like E. coli ATCC 25922. For this study we co-incubated L. plantarum with E. coli in MRS broth at different concentrations (109, 108 CFU/mL – L. plantarum with 105, 104 CFU/mL – E. coli, 4 groups) for 24, 48 and 72h at 37oC. After co-incubation, E. coli colonies developed on Levine media were counted towards the control. E. coli colonies decreased after 48 and 72h of co-incubation with L. plantarum. Also, was noticed that L. plantarum (108 CFU/mL) completely inhibits E. coli (104 CFU/mL) after 72h of co-incubation. This work proves the inhibitory potential of probiotic strains (L. plantarum ATCC 8014) against enteropathogenic bacteria (E. coli ATCC 25922).


E. coli, inhibitory potential, L. plantarum, pathogenic strains, probiotics

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