Influence of Thermal Preparation Method on Mineral Composition of Mussels

Gheorghe Valentin GORAN, Liliana TUDOREANU, Aura MOCANU, Emanuela BADEA, Victor CRIVINEANU


This study focuses on evaluation of the effects of 3 different thermal preparation methods (boiling, roasting, microwaving) on mineral concentrations of mussels from Bucharest market. The mineral content in raw and cooked mussel samples was evaluated by ICP-OES and relative humidity of raw and cooked mussels by thermogravimetry. Se level in microwaved samples was significantly decreased compared to raw and the other 2 cooked mussel samples. Zn concentration in raw samples was not significantly different compared to those in roasted samples. Fe level was insignificantly different between boiled and roasted samples and significantly lowers in microwaved samples. Ni, Pb, and Se levels were significantly higher in boiled samples, and Cd levels were insignificantly different reported to cooking method. The percentage of water loss during roasting was lower than the other 2 thermal preparation methods. Potassium concentrations in cooked mussels were higher compared to raw ones. Mineral concentrations were highest in roasted samples and heavy metal concentrations in boiled mussels.


mussel; minerals; heavy metals; thermal preparation.

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