Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties of Wheat Bread Supplemented With Mustard Flour

Adriana PĂUCEAN, Simona MAN, Sevastiţa MUSTE, Anamaria POP, Simona CHIȘ, Delia COTIȘEL


The aim of this investigation was to incorporate mustard flour into bread in order to improve its quality. For this purpose, wheat flour 650 type for bread making was replaced with mustard seed flour at the level of 5, 7 and 10%. Bread quality through physico-chemical and sensory characteristics was analyzed and compared to those of bread without mustard flour. The protein content of mustard flour bread increased with 5.03% as a result of mustard flour incorporation, coupled with an increase in ash content. Sensory evaluation results revealed that the sample containing 7% mustard flour scored highest in most of the attributes including overall acceptability. The study reveals that incorporation of 7% mustard flour gave desirable results in terms of phisyco-chemical and sensory caracteristics of mustard flour fortified bread.


bread; flour; mustard; quality.

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