Methods of Detecting Meat Species in Food of Animal Origin

Lavinia-Maria CHIŞ, Dan-Cristian VODNAR


An important factor in the detection of falsification is the control of the composition of the meat at each stage of manufacturing the product. The PCR method is based on the study of proteins and meat nucleic acids used in food for the detection of animal species. Another technique is the Elisa method that works on the principle of identification and measurement of the quantity of molecules in a sample. There are several types of Elisa to increase specificity due to differences in structure and sample characteristics. By comparing the two methods used to identify the processed meat product species, Real Time PCR had the highest prediction as results. However, the Elisa method is more time efficient and easier to use. Real Time PCR is effective in identifying processed meat products that require low detection. The Elisa Kit is useful because of the ease of use.


meat; fake products; PCR types; ELISA types.

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