The Effect of Hawthorn Berry Phenolics and Parsley Roots Fermented Juice on Frankfurters’ Shelf-Life

Corina PREDESCU, Camelia PAPUC, Georgeta ȘTEFAN, Gheorghe GORAN


Plant extracts rich in phenolics and vegetal fermented juices rich in nitrite may be used as preservatives in the meat industry. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of hawthorn berry phenolics and nitrite from parsley roots fermented juice, on unsmoked frankfurters. Seven lots of frankfurters were prepared. Two lots were prepared using ascorbate and parsley juice nitrite (each preservative 50 ppm, L1; each preservative 25 ppm, L4), two lots were prepared using hawthorn berry phenolics and parsley juice nitrite (each preservative 50 ppm, L2; each preservative 25 ppm, L5), two lots were prepared only with parsley juice nitrite (50 ppm, L3; 25 ppm, L6), while L7, control lot, was prepared with 50 ppm ascorbate and 50 ppm synthetic nitrite. pH, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, cure efficiency, residual nitrite, total viable count, Enterobacteriaceae and coliform bacteria were determined at 3-day intervals for 15 days. During storage, comparatively with control, the best physico-chemical parameters were found for L4 and L5 of frankfurters, while the best microbiological parameters were found for frankfurters treated with ascorbate and parsley juice nitrite (L1 and L4). The addition of natural antioxidants and nitrite was able to improve unsmoked frankfurters’ shelf-life.


meat industry; parsley juice nitrite; hawthorn berry phenolics; natural preservatives.

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